Unload all the burden to start fresh!


Today is the last day of the Art of living course. It is really an unique life experience. I teased to my friends that I will ‘close the border’ for six days for this program. Some of my American friends doesn’t really know what’s the real meaning of ‘close the border’ in Chinese. In chinese Martial art, it works likethis: Imagine a monk, he choose certain days of the year, seat inside a dark quiet place, reflecting without eating and disturbing. That’s the heart I prepared for this course–This week, no work, no social, let’s close the border!

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Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve condition.


I missed Session four of Dale Carnegie Course last Thursday. Usually every time when we end, we will tell a uplifting story to the class memeber. Just now, I received the email from our Head of Coach Saria, she shared the inspiration closing for that session. I felt it’s a very profound story, so I’d like to share the story with you. All credit goes to Sarika! 🙂

In ancient times, a king had a rock placed on a roadway.

Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock.

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Preethy Padmanabhan–The super mommy founded the smarter baby!.


I first met Preethy in one MBA prep session. At that time I wanted to go to Business School, so I signed up an MBA coach. And she worked with that Coach before me and she got admitted in Has Part time MBA program & UCLA Executive Program. So she was invited to one of our MBA sessions to share some of her experience. She is very nice and willing to answer our question very patiently. We used to go to a Marathon session in San Francisco with that Coach. A group of people brainstorming, refecting there while we work on our Essay. Preethy showed up sometimes. But we’ve never got chance to talk deeply.

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If you act enthusiastic, you will be enthusiastic!

From Los Altos Hill.

In session 3 of Dale Carnegie Course Jewel told us a story. I like it very much, so I’d like to share with you today!

That was about twenty years ago. One morning, he was forced to go to a trainning around 7:00pm. So he went there with a sleepy eyes and a bad attitude—-why they want to schedule a meeting this early! Crap.

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A dollar a day, save a life.


In tonight’s Dale Carnegie session, each class member has two minutes to talk about their biggest achievement in life. Lots of people talked about the medals they win, the achievement they got. But Cinday told us something that really touched me.

She said she used to feel her life is meaningless. Until one day, she was introduced a program called ‘A dollar a day, save a life’. The idea is to donate a dollar a day to help kids in Africa to survive and receive education.

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Be nice to yourself.


Just came back from session three of Dale Carnegie Trainning and I feel that I made a breakthrough today!

I was assigned to do opening session A for this class. For those of you who have been to the class, you probably know that it’s not an easy job. It generally takes around 10 minutes to open the class, gets some feedback about improvement and reading, states out the learning objective of this session, then welcome our instructor. Last time Boris did a great opening, so I got lots of tension on it.

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Defining Moment!

You are right, it's Olina!

In Session two of Dale Carnegie Training, every class memeber has opportunity to give a two minutes presentation about his ‘Defining Moment’. Yes! Two minutes, people will remind you on the last 30 seconds and will applause when your time is up—Doesn’t matter if you finish or not! So it’s a good practice for your presentation and time management.

Below is my sample of Defining Moment. Actually there are so many ‘Defining Moment’ in my life. I think I am defining my moment everyday. Everyday is a good start and everyday is a good experience. I can’t believe how wonderful Life is. But that moment is really engraved in my heart. So, what’s your defining moment, mind to share a little bit with me?

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Reid Hoffman–Risk taking is a must for success!


I met Reid Hoffman in TiECON. That day, I was assigned as an official photographer for the event and he is the panelist for the 3rd day afternoon session. Maybe because I was too concentrate on taking photos. I didn’t feel the panel discussion is too interesting.

Later, the media interviewed him in a private room. Of course, I am part of the media. So I went in and listened to their questions. People asked about how Twitter’s grow will affect Linkedin. Reid said it’s different approach. So he won’t worry about it. People asked how he likes the event. He said it’s amazing. For me, still not that impressive.

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