Do things you like, like things you do!

My previous blog post is about Winner never quit and Quitter never win. So today I received a tweet regarding it:

tomrojas: @olinaqian Sometimes the only way to win is to quit…

I know exactly what he talked about. So I replied:

@tomrojas Life is about choice. How to allocate your limited time and resource to do things you passionate about is a big choice.

What I really want to say is: Win or lose, it actually doesn’t matter. Since it’s all depend on how you view it from different perspective. So I replied him again:

@tomrojas So it doesn’t matter if we win or not. The most important thing is: Every morning after you wake up, you ask yourself: Is this the life you want? The answer should be ‘Yes’!

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

If the video doesn’t work, check it out here.

I was invited to Hysta’s Mixer event today in Stanford. Met lots of great Entrepreneurs and VCs there. Yang Cao is one of them. After I got home, we GTalked a little bit. During our conversation, he mentioned about his company, tokbox, which is funded by Sequoia and Bain. I am amazed that he can got funded by such two great VCs. He told me that he will definitely bootstrap long eough for his next company. Since sometimes too much money is not good thing, he said.

Too much money is a not a good thing? I’ve been bootstratpping for a while, so I didn’t get it at very beginning. So he explained me further: stay hungry is not a bad thing.

I always see money as water help you to cross the desert for a startup. Water is not your destination, cause money won’t buy your happiness. But enough water will keep you alive and help you stay tuned in the desert. Just like we need to survive before strive. But today, he told me, Stay Hungry!

I did a little background search for TokBox today. TokBox offers a great product that allows for multi-user video chat from the browser(their competitors are Skype, Seesmic, Yugma, ooVoo, Userplane, Zorap), but it hasn’t really managed to take off, much to the chagrin of the company’s investors who include Sequoia and Bain Capital (TokBox has raised $14 million to date). That’s a lot of money for a video and chat startup, especially when there are a number of similar sites that have begun offering some of the same functionality.(From TechCrunch)

After TokBox raised money, there are lots of major changes going on. It recently got a new CEO–the third in the company’s brief history. And it just fired six of it’s 12 engineers, or around 30% of it’s 12 engineers. All of the company’s founders are all gone now. No wonder Yang said, too many money is not a good thing.

After our talk I kept on thinking about ‘Stay Hungry’ the whole night. I can’t sleep again. Later I recall a great video I watched before by Steve Jobs. The title is: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. In this video, Steve told us three stories about his life:

1. How he connected dots in his life. How he dropped his colleged to learn things he like. How he followed his passion to build up Apple Empire and change the PC history — You have to trust your destination to follow your heart and make the difference.

2. How he viewed what he love and how he handle his lost by starting over a new business after being fired by Apple. He said, don’t lose your faith! Do what you belive and Do what you like. Keep looking, don’t settle.

3. How he lives everyday as if the last day of his life. Live only what is truely important. Death is the destination we all share, it will clear out the old to become new. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it to live some others life. So do what you truely want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Very inspiration! Ok, maybe Yang is right, let’s live like Steve said: Stay hungry, stay foolish!

The riskiest thing to do is to be safe.

I saw an interesting tweet this morning:

@faroukrm: What to do, to be an entrepreneur or to be an employee?

It is such a great question. Actually I was being asked for this question several months ago from a friend too. Although he put it in a more aggressive way: Olina, when will you become an entrepreneur. So I’ve been think about this question for a long time. I love this tweet, so I quickly Retweeted it and added on my opinion as well—what a good question.

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Attitude is Everything!

I first heard this story from Russell Martin, my Dale Carnegie Coach. He is always smiling, staying positive and caring about others. He is the main reason I joined the Dale Carnegie Training.

I still remember that’s last December. I was stuck in something. I felt hopeless yet don’t know what to do. I was seeking for some encouragement and support but don’t know how. One day, Meiji, my friend forwarded me a link for a free session of Dale Carnegie Training. I’ve read some books about Dale Carnegie when I was in China. So I decided to make a visit.

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Unleash your full potential.

Today is the Session Five of my Dale Carnegie Training; It was a wonderful life experience!

It was amazing that I met some old friends day. Daniel Chen, Terry Ma and Zaina all came to making up their missing sessions. We used to go with the same MBA/Business Coach, so we met at our Marathon Session often. It was the same coach sent each and every one of us to attend the Dale Carnegie Training. I did appreciate him for doing so. Dale Carnegie Training is the best thing happened to my life so far. I wish I knew this training earlier.

Today’s learning objective is

1. Energize our communication by including action to releases nervous energy

2. Become more nature when communication with others

3. Become more animated to energize and engaged others.

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CINA’s Social Media Event.


Just came back from my CINA event on ‘Utilizing Social Media to Market Your Business and Branding’. I was the event manager and host and I was so excited today.

This event is definity a big thing. Around 80 people showed up today. When I checked the registration list this morning, I saw more many people signed up over night, I felt amazing. The whole day I was busy on work, but thought about my hosting. I need to open the event by introducing CINA, and three great speakers: Adam, Irene and Yukai Chou.

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