Thoughts after reading ‘The servant’


I just finished reading the book ‘The servant’, felt that I learned so much. Below are some of the thoughts:

  1. Everything is a choice, like Leadership. Who told you it is easy. We don’t do it because it is easy, we do it because that’s our choice.
  2. Difference between Power and Authority? Power can be given and take away, Authority can not be taken away, it means you have influence in someone, that he is willing to do things for you. Why, because you care about him, you love him and you serve him first.
  3. Infant is very self-centered, it use screaming and cry to get what he needs. When they grow up to 2 year old, they gradually understand he is not the center of the world. But there are so many people don’t want to grow up.  
  4. Listening is very powerful, it is a sacrifice of yourself and gives your extension to others, feel what others feel. Sometimes you just need to forget yourself.
  5.  Discipline is very important thing to follow. It is hard to follow, only if you follow it, you get the joy of life.
  6. How to handle different opinion? If there are ten people in your team and they all think the same, then 9 of them are extra. You need to allow people have different opinions and allow it exists. If everything goes your way, then this world will be a mess.

Your roadmap to success

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I gave a talk in Yahoo last Friday about Career Development. Above is the slide I used. I felt the below chart is extremely helpful. Check with it and see what character you want to build up down the road.

Without Character With Character
Does what’s easiest Does what’s right
Controlled by moods Controlled by values
Looks for excuses Looks for solutions
Quits when challenged Perseveres when challenged
Relies on external motivation Relies on internal motivation
Words and action doesn’t match Words and actions agree
Choices lead to failure Choices add up to success

Three suggestions for a more fulfilling life.

Jewel Maccary, the most wisdom men I’ve met in this world, just sent me an email about ‘Three suggestions for a more fulfilling life’. I’d like to share it with all my dearest friend here:

As I have grown older, more experienced, and hopefully wiser, here are three lessons that I have learned that will bring a more fulfilling life.

Always practice the first two Human Relations principles:

“Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain and give honest, sincere appreciation.”

To change lives we must be congruent. We must practice these principles in our thoughts and deeds, not just our words toward others and we must practice them in our thoughts, words and deeds toward ourselves.

We must be non-critical and filled with appreciation.

Always listen to your heart as well as your intellect.

True wisdom comes from following our intuition when it is in harmony with our true spiritual self. I have discovered that the odds of making positive decisions increase when there is harmony with heart and mind.

Finally, always be optimistic.
I have always believed it is infinitely more fun and rewarding to live life as an optimist than to endure life as a pessimist.


Finding your strengths!

Recently I am reading a book called ‘Strenths Finder 2.0’. Basically this book is helping you to find the opportunity to do what you do best everyday.

From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more of our times to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths. To help people uncover their talents, this book, along with a 177 questions test, help you to discover your top 5 talents.

I love this book, because after I read my own 5 talents, I know it is truely me!

For example, one of my talents is ‘Activator’, Jim L, an entrepreneur, who holds the same talents said:

I want to know what I am going to hit the wall, and I need you to tell me how much it is going to hurt. But if I choose to bump into the wall anyway, then don’t worry–you’ve done your job. I just had to experience it for myself.

That’s exactly how I feel now. In order to make things happen, we need to turn thoughts into action. Sometimes, mistake is the quickest way to learn. It doesn’t mean I want to make mistake, but if you don’t try, you never know if it is right or wrong. So when we are young, don’t be afraid of mistakes. Embraces mistake and grow to the maxium of your potentials.