Be in the present moment.

I had a great lunch with Gail this Monday, she gave me a ride after we finished. While she drove, her phone ring. And she said, oh, I won’t pick up this one. I asked her, is it because you are driving? ‘No’, She said, ‘Because I am with you, so I will be hundred percent with you!’

I felt warm after I heard her say so, and I felt it is a great lesson to learn: Be in the present moment, be 100% in it.

I think everyone is overloaded in Sillicon Valley, so we all learned to become multi-tasking. How many of you working while chating online? How many of you watch TV while eating? I am good supportor of Multi-tasking, but a great thing I learned from Gail is – Don’t multi-taking while another person is in front of you! Furthermore, be in the present moment, whatever you are doing, put 100% of you inside. Feel it, enjoy it and get 100% out of it.

So here is my applogy to any friends to saw me multi-tasking before and here is my promise to all my friends today-

If I am with you, I will stop everything I am doing, and be fully with you! Let us both enjoy the current moment!

Dance in the moment!

Today is a totally blast for me!

First, I have not been sick for so long. I started to sneeze on Wednesday, then the fever knocked me down on Thursday, with running nose and dry throat, I felt my head is lots of heavier than my feet on Friday. Today I got better, but still felt that I am very weak.

2nd, the coaches training is going on this weekend in San Rarafel, which is 80 minutes drive and the course is really intensive.  I waked up around 7am to start driving. 880, 980. 580, it is apparely not a good idea to drive while sick, but when you have no choice, you just got to kick it back.

I was really weak while I drive, but lucky that I made it safely, and the training is really wonderful. Jennifer and Michelle, our two great coaches showed us a great example how to to coach people in co-actively way. Their coaching sample are beautifully done, I can see tears in client’s eyes after they touch on it. Amazingly beautiful.

What I learn from it:

1. Curiosity! Sometimes you feel you know what your client means, but you might not. By simplely ask them: what does that mean to you can easily solove this problem without risking yourself moving forward. Also, this powerful question will bring you lots of information for the answers they search for.

2. Be transparant. Sometimes I feel shy to tell people I am lost. But it is ok to be lost even if as a coach. Michelle tell me that just be authentic and tell you client you are lost if you truely are, it has no problem.

At the end of training, we got an opportunity to practice by coaching Michelle, our trainer. I volunteered with my running nose. I tried to ask powerful questions, articulate what’s going on there, use my intuiation, put on request on her and other tactics, it seemswent well. Michelle told me she can feel my presents when I looked at her deeply.

CTI categorized listening into three levels, level one listening means while you listen, you still think about yourself. So when you hear someone say I made this mistake, you will say, oh, yes, I did it before too. Then started to talk or think about yourself.

Level two listening is about focus on people you talked too, feel that there are only you and him in this world, just like people in love.

Level three listening means listen to the world, with everything going on, while you still concentrate on your client. I’ve been practice to level three listening, it does take effort while it always drop back to level one or two.

On my way back, I coached Ruoyu for one hour. She felt the difference of my coaching styles and like the new value I brought to it. Her believe that I will be an execellent coach does boosted me up a lot.

I also called my mom, turns out that she told me that today is my lunar birthday! Mom is always the one cares about you no matter how old are you! What a special birthday I just did, dance in the moment with a group with wisdom people while keep on exploring all the possibilities, I totally enjoyed it!

I need to be at San Rafael at 8:30am tomorrow, means I need to wake up 6ish, totally expect to dance more in the training session. I feelI am blessed and I will give it my 100%!