How to use your time wisely and live your life to the fullest.

I attended a great church’s sister meeting last month. The topic we discussed was: Time. Below is what I learned there:

First of all, what is time?

Mery’s answer was:

1. Time is life.

2. Time is opportunity, so you got to make the most out of it by live fully to your life. And remember that God is always willing to give us time.

2nd, how to manage your time. It is all about priority and the key is simplicity! Because basically it depends on what do you really want in life.

Always remember that We are first human being, then we are someone’s mom, someone’s wife, someone’s employee.

In Chinese we say you are more brave when you have no desire! We all got to be efficiency for our mission and we all need to have a strategy or personal plan
to keep each other accountable.

How to have a strategy?

First, set yourself a goal: Who do you see yourself becoming in 10 years.

Then figure out what is the milestone for each year.

Then we got to plan how we spend our time every day and how to make yourself accountable for it. For example, when do you get up, what is the deadline you set for yourself for everything you work on, what is your standard for it.

My example is:

8-9am, Deep reading/learning time, can be substituted for Yoga or morning walk.

9-5pm, hard working time.

5-6pm, coaching time.

6-9pm, networking event/play with my niece time

9-10pm, swimming

After 10 Meditation, reflecting, relax time.

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