Choose to be happy from this moment!

Do you know that you can be happy right here, not tomorrow, not in ten minutes, but now. You can be happy right now.

Happiness is allowing yourself to be okay with what is, rather than wishing for, and bemoaning, what is not.

Obviously, what is is what is supposed to be, or it would not be. The rest is just you, arguing with life. Somewhere along the way you will have to learn to just Trust Life. Why not start today? Why not from this moment?

I’ve been learning a lot about receiving and letting go: receiving the goodness the universe offers me at every turn, and letting go of my expectations for how life “should” be. Loving what is and choose to be happy!

How to create an open enviroment for home and work

Recently, several friends around me stuck in their family relationship and trying to get a way out. So they asked me if I have some quick tips for them. I received some Dale carnegie effective communication tips today and I feel that it can be a great help.

So how to create an open family relationship?

First, Frequent, open communication:

Most team dysfunction is rooted in communication breakdowns, such as poor listening, interrupting, rambling, inability to get to the point, and simply not communicating frequently enough to create team cohesion.

2nd: Take time to create team cohesion
Relationships cannot develop in a vacuum. Spending less time together will not create stronger team bonds. Building effective team cohesion involves taking the time to get to know working styles, personalities, and preferences.

3rd: Give honest, regular feedback
Everyone on the team needs to get feedback in order to feel connected to the team effort. Even if that feedback is critical, the team member knows that their contributions are being noticed and evaluated. For the team to stay on track and avoid retreating into dysfunction, everyone needs to be talking with each other about expectations, goals, performance, and processes.

I think it works great for my friends, and hope you can get something out of it too!

Learning from Guy’s Enchantment talk!

What will you say when you do others a favor and they give you a big ‘Thank You’? I’ve been educated to say ‘You are welcome’ for my past years, until I listened to Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment workshop in Stanford.

He taught us to say: I know that you will do the same thing for me! Which hinted two points:

1. It is an acknowledgement that he is generous to offer help as well.

2. It embed that you might ask for a favor from him sometimes too.

It is very special and intelligent to response this way, and Guy further explained why: When someone owe you, you need to give them the opportunity to relieve the guilt, say, you can do whatever chores for me, by doing so, he will elievate the guilt and clear the deck so now we become equal. It is very important to give people opportunity to relieving the pressure and let people pay you back, so both of you stay happy after.

He also stressed on the importance of building ecosystem for an entrepreneur, from developers, resellers, user group, website, blog to online special interest group, it made me thought that what is the eco-system I can create for my coaching business.

Guy also gave out several tips on how to enchant up your boss: whenever your boss ask anything, drop anything you have, do it right away! Also, deliver bad news early, with some suggestion to fix it. Which I think is really proactive.

In terms of enchant down, he mentioned that:

1. Become master of everything of your business, master writing, selling, offer your ability at any level

2. Suck it up: don’t ask someone to do anything you don’t like do. Get your hands dirty first.

Sounds interesting? I guess so? Want to know more? Maybe I should buy his book: Enchantment then! 🙂

Creating from Universe

I had a great pleasure to catch up with Jewel McCrary this afternoon. Jewel is one of people I respect the most in this world, he used to be my instructor in Dale Carnegie Effective Communication and Human Relations training, then he recruited me as Coach after I graduate, after he discovered that I have a super talent in coaching, he encouraged me to go on this path and change people’s life. He is such an inspiring person that I feel that he is the nearest person to God in this world.

Jewel first acknowledged me for my growth in the past year, he was very happy about I am fully practice on my coaching business and started to make some progress, he also encouraged me to reach greater success. When I tried to tell him that I am not sure if I can make Owisdom a great successful coaching company, but I am very happy to do what I am passionate about and be who I am. He interrupted me with smile and said, don’t say if, say when. Because I know you will get there. It is just matter of time. See, that is so Jewel! I still remember he said that Encouragement is put courage in someone!

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How much more you need to proof for yourself?

Today when I went over my coaching session recordings with Lauren Powers, one of the best CTI leaders, she told me that: Olina, you worked too hard! I know that you have lots of tools and skills, and you have lots of powerful questions, but you don’t wait for it to land, then you are rushing on another one. You should try brainless coaching! Which means, don’t bring your brain to a coaching session, just be curious about your client’s every thought, then if you trust the co-active coaching model enough, you will find that you don’t need to work hard to make it happen, your skill set is more than enough to make the flow happen already.

I reflected on it and found it is very true! The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Have you ever feel that you are never enough? You feel that you should have more knowledge, learn more things, achieve more to be happy! Congratulations, you are the same achiever type to me. The good part for being an Achiever is that you will never stop grow, you are putting yourself 100% in it. The bad part for it is: you never feel yourself enough, which drags yourself and other people around you fatigue!

So starting from today, let’s remember that life will resolve itself in the process of life itself.

Let the moment play itself out. Try to not push the river. Life knows what It has in mind. Trust Life. It is on your side.

How much more you need to proof for yourself?