Aamir Khan

I recently fall in love with Indian bollywood movie, because of Aamir Khan. The first movie I saw was ‘Three idiots’, I really love the spirit he carries there: passionate, couragious, authentic and fun. I was really inspired by that movie, so I traced down to find lots of movie he involved with and find almost every movie he involved was really really good. In one of his interview, he said: Who am I, what do I mean, I never give it up’, it showed his determination. He also said, I do movie because that is something I want to do. It is just that simple, but those simple things made him outstanding, because he followed his heart, he persist on what he wants and he does it no only for himself, but also for others.

I respect Aamir Khan, for simply who he is. If you get a chance, watch his movie.

China story — Begger with a kid

I got some projects in China this year, so I travel to China frequently. I see lots of new things here that I normally won’t see in US, so I guess I’d better to write them down just in case I forget about it later.

One of the biggest social problem in China nowadays is there are not much trust exist among people, I think it is true and I feel pity about it. This is what I experience recently and it made me think more.

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my friend’s company in Beijing, we had a great conversation. On my way back, I saw a lady laying on the street with a little boy, around 5 years old, they seems really beaten up by life, so I reached out to my purse and put one yuan in their beggar’s box, then I noticed that she wrote something in front of her. It says, my husband ran away with another women, left me and my son here, we need money to take the train back to my hometown, please help us.

I usually don’t believe street begger like this, but somehow when I saw her kid, I am touched deeply, he is at the age of my nieces and he reminded me someone. So I asked: how much do you need to go home? She said 156 Yuan. I asked her: how much do you have now? She said around 60 Yuan. I only have 260 left there and I gave her 100. I told her: Go get a ticket, go home with your kid, don’t lay down here. She almost cried and thanked me. Then I looked at that boy again and left.

On my way back home, I first felt great, I am glad that I can help someone who needs help. She needs to rebuild her life, she needs to get her dignity back, that boy needs to go back to school, above all, they need to go home before anything. I am very happy that I helped them.

10 minutes later, one thought came to me: What if she lied, she is just a begger, she made up a story for money. But I asked myself, who wants to pretend a beggar and bring kids out for money? Two thoughts are fighting in my brain, so I called my friends and told them what happened.

Friend A said: Ok, you gave her 100 Yuan? You gave to her already, just relax and be happy!

Friend B said, 100 Yuan? You silly girl, there are thousands of thousands beggers on street in China, they all have prefect stories, none of the story are true.

Friend C said, well, if you go to the same street next week, she will still be there, since that is what she does, begging for money.

I decided not to tell anyone about it, since seems I just did something stupid and even worse, I feel good about it. So I buried it in my heart.

Today, I went to visit my friend again, before I go, I prayed, Oh lord, please don’t let me see her there again, come on, two weeks already, please change a location.

I felt happy on my way there, since I didn’t see her. I feel happy on my way back, since nobody is there. Thanks Lord! I told myself, maybe her story is true, maybe she just needs that money to go home and I made it happen. Well, another voice comes again, maybe she just changed a location. I don’t care now, whether her story is true or not, I wish her happy. I wish that little boy can get some food to eat, that’s all.

Trust, what made us trust? When did we lost that trust? Is it inside out or outside in?