Things I wish I knew when I was 20

I was invited to give an opening remark speech for Global Chamer 2nd Annual International Student Symposium 2017. They asked me what I want to talked about, I thought it for two days, decided to put the topic as: Things I wish I knew when I was 20.

So I look back to when I was a college student, I remember I set lots of goals: I want to go to work in this company, I want to study in that county, I want to buy a house. I want to have a boyfriend like that. It is all good goals, but what will happen if you didn’t get what you want? I feel anxious, I compare myself to other people and I feel I am not good enough, I sometimes regret that I chose the wrong major and I was really busy and lots of stress. Then I feel stuck.

So I decided to talk about the following stuff: TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY, BREATH, PRESENCE, CHOICE, POSSIBILITY

  1. Trust: Do you believe this is a friendly universe? Do you trust that everyone is creative, resourceful and whole that everything will flow out just right naturally?
  2. Responsibility: Take responsibility for your own life, you are responsible to your own happiness.Don’t blame others for your unhappiness or your stuck.
  3. Keep Breath, the breath connect to your heart with present moment,
  4. Be present, not regret of the past, no fear to the future
  5. Keep exercise, physical health is the ultimate thing.
  6. Living in a choice, think about long term impact on your choice. Follow your heart, live with your passion
  7. POSSIBILITY: You have lots of possibilities in life, what is possible? Make a good choice for yourself.

After the talk. I drove home feeling unsettled, since I don’t know if those college student got it. I doubt myself that is it a good speech. After arrive home, I received a letter from an attendee, he said he was so touched by the talk. I feel really happy today!

Forgiveness set the freedom of Human Being


Forgive text on hand design concept

Forgive set the freedom of Human Being

This noon, I went to costco to get some groceries. My friend called me during my grocery shopping, so I talked to her on phone. Then I felt that I was hit by a cart. So I looked back, I saw a lady on my back pushing the cart, she realized that she hit me too, so she said: I was going to tell you this is the not the right place to make a call. Then she left. I felt hurt: my butt got so sore. I felt angry: why she can justify it so righteous, I felt vulnerable, because I am still in cold.

I processed it this afternoon for a long time, then I realize it is human’s nature that we justify things when we do something wrong but we don’t want to admit it is our fault. I simply just need her to say sorry, that is it, but I didn’t get it. That is the reason I felt uneasy. Then I asked myself:

1. How many time you accidentally did something wrong to someone but don’t want to own it. I admitted that I did it too before. And today I forgive myself for doing so.

2. How many time I was treated wrong, by my parents, my friends or anyone occurs in myself. Today, I forgive them for doing so.

I forgive myself and everyone mistreated me and I release my anger toward this world, I am open and gratitude for everything and everyone comes to myself and I am committed to love myself. Because I know that forgiveness set me free to live in a loving world