Coaching adds benefit when you:

* Feel stuck in your job, relationship or patterns and want to change.

* Are in the process of a career or life transition.

* Know what you want but don’t know how to achieve it.

* Want to take your current business to another level.

* Want to be a more effective manager boss or partner.”

– *Excerpt from The San Jose Mercury News, May 22, 2005

You might be wondering what do coaches really do? Take a look at the steps to walk you through the process. Step by step or all at once, your path unfolds along the way!


Coaching in Fulfillment is about having you let go of preconceived rules and limitations, and stepping into creating a life that is centered in what truly brings you alive.

During this process, you will experience:

–Inner journey and imagery techniques to define a vision of the future you will create.

–Identifying your unique values and assessing your satisfaction with living those values.

–Identifying self-defeating influences.


We live our lives in constant motion. It is easy to forget that we have a choice in what we do. Balance coaching is about helping you make powerful life choices and selecting the experience you want most, rather than dashing about trying to have it all.

During this process, you will experience:

–Looking at any situation from a number of perspectives.

–Making choices and choosing one perspective from the ones explored.

–Coming up with a live plan for action that arises out of the perspective you’ve chosen.

–Bringing yourself to the place of commitment.

–Creating action plans to achieve.


This stage is all about being with you wherever you are on the flowing river of your life. Although uncomfortable, your mess, chaos, confusion and “stuckness” are part of your forward motion.

During this process, you will experience:

–Using ‘Geography’ in your interaction.

–Facilitating a Life Purpose Statement to take with you.

–Being in the moment that is true for you rather than talking about it.

Progress and awareness are now getting you closer to your desired outcome!

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